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I started my artistic journey 25 years ago as a hobby and part time job creating murals for shops and nursery rooms mostly. The last years though I started exploring abstract painting styles and I fell in love with fluid organic art.

Creating abstract art and exploring colour and layering became a passion to me as a sense of freedom and joy. This free feeling is something I want to share with my audience. My inspiration comes from my emotions mostly and my study on the different color pallettes and mixing.

I began exploring fluid art techniques after I quitted my full time job as an teacher in engineering. I always try to make innovations so as to find my artistic identity, and my audience can recognize and appreciate my style. What began as a need to express my emotions grew into a way of life. Before I knew it I had launched into an artistic exploration that just kept going. I began experimenting with techniques for creating metallic effects into organic art, and my favorite color is gold. Silver is also seen in many of my paintings and rose gold lately is a favorite addition also.

I am inspired also by architecture projects and interior design, and I want my art to be contemporary in a way that meets fashion and design.

My artworks are in private collections in over 22 countries worldwide

My world of art

Original contemporary paintings